Tynemouth RNLI lifeboat station

Person In The Water

Willington Quay

A PERSON in the water sparked the launch of Tynemouth RNLI inshore lifeboat on Sunday evening.

The volunteer crew were paged by UK Coastguard at 16:36 after they were informed that a man had fallen into the river Tyne at Willington Quay.

When the crew pagers were activated, most were in a restaurant close to the lifeboat station enjoying the annual crew meal.  The volunteers dropped their knives and forks, rushing to launch the lifeboat which was accomplished just four minutes after the alarm was raised.

The lifeboat with three crew members started speeding upriver to the scene but had only travelled to Whitehill Point before they were informed by UK Coastguard’s Humber Operations Centre that the casualty had been recovered from the water and was in the care of paramedics. The lifeboat was then stood down and returned to station.

The Tynemouth Volunteer Life Brigade were also tasked to this incident.

It transpired that the casualty had been rowing ashore from his boat in a small tender when it hit a pontoon leading to him falling into the river. His son also entered the water in an attempt to rescue him. Both were checked over by paramedics but didn’t need hospital treatment. Neither of the men were wearing lifejackets which they had taken off before getting into the tender – a reminder to wear lifejackets on the water at all times.

Lifeboat: D-693 Mark Noble