Tynemouth RNLI lifeboat station

Cabin Cruiser Escorted To Safety By Tynemouth RNLI Lifeboat

A cabin cruiser was escorted to safety on Sunday afternoon by Tynemouth RNLI all weather lifeboat after the vessel suffered engine problems just off the Tyne piers.

The lifeboat and volunteer crew was on a routine training exercise off Blyth at 11am when Humber Coastguard received what sounded like a Mayday call from a vessel in the vicinity of South Shields.

After making further radio calls the Coastguard watch officers discovered that a boat was being towed or escorted into the Tyne by a boat named Capricorn II so the lifeboat was tasked to investigate. The crew of the inshore lifeboat which was in the area of the piers also started searching for any sign of the vessels.

As the all weather lifeboat travelled to the scene her crew and the Coastguard made repeated attempts to contact the vessels,  receiving no response, but as the lifeboat approached Tynemouth the crew of the Tyne pilot launch Collingwood radioed to say that the two boats that had gone into the Tyne had come out again and were heading south.

The lifeboat located the Capricorn II and cabin cruiser Sea Tyger II off Marsden Bay but the occupants of both vessels stated that they didn’t need any assistance so the lifeboat returned to the Tyne with the intention of refuelling at Royal Quays Marina.

As the lifeboat approached the Marina Humber Coastguard made a call tasking it to go to the assistance of the Sea Tyger II whose skipper had changed his mind and was again returning to the Tyne.

The vessel, with two men and a young boy on board, was located just outside the South pier and escorted to the Marina without further incident.

The lifeboat then refuelled and returned to station at 1pm

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