Tynemouth RNLI lifeboat station

Fire-damaged trawler escorted to safety by Amble and Tynemouth RNLI lifeboats

A FISHING boat was escorted to safety by Tynemouth RNLI lifeboat this evening after she suffered a fire in her galley.

The Fraserburgh-based 300-tonne fishing vessel Replenish had been fishing for prawns off the Northumberland coast when her skipper called Humber Coastguard for assistance at 4pm when a  fire broke out in her galley.

The Amble RNLI all weather lifeboat was launched immediately to go to the assistance of the six fishermen on the vessel, who managed to put out the fire themselves as the lifeboat was steaming to them, and sealed off the galley.

Due to fears the fire might not have been completely extinguished,  Amble lifeboat then escorted Replenish part of the way to her temporary base at North Shields and was met 6 miles off Seaton Sluice by Tynemouth RNLI’s all weather lifeboat which had launched at 18:50 to take over the escort back to the Tyne. Amble lifeboat then returned to station.

Arriving in the Tyne, the fishing vessel was met at North Shields  Western Quay by the fire brigade who put firefighters equipped with breathing apparatus on board who ensured that no danger of fire remained. Once that was confirmed the lifeboat then refuelled and returned to station, arriving at 21:20.

The crew of the Replenish were met by Peter Dade of the Fisherman’s Mission who ensured that they were fed and if necessary, get accommodation.

Lifeboat: 17-20 Spirit of Northumberland