Tynemouth RNLI lifeboat station

Fishing vessel assisted by Tynemouth and Newbiggin RNLI lifeboats

A FISHING vessel and her three crewmen were assisted this morning by Tynemouth and Newbiggin RNLI lifeboats and their volunteer crews after she got into difficulty nine miles north of the Tyne piers.

The 11m Tina had been trawling for prawns when another fishing vessel was reported to have towed her nets across the Tina‘s, fouling her propeller and dragging her backwards fast enough to start shipping water.

The Tina‘s skipper made an emergency radio call at 8.08am to Humber Coastguard who immediately requested the launch of Tynemouth RNLI all weather lifeboat and Newbiggin RNLI inshore lifeboat to go to the vessel’s assistance urgently, as it was thought there was a possibility of her sinking.

Arriving on scene twenty minutes after launching the Tynemouth RNLI crew located the Tina and assessed the situation.  Although in no immediate danger the vessel’s propeller and rudder were fouled by one of her trawl wires.  The lifeboat crew attached their tow rope and pulled the Tina forward which freed the wire, allowing her get underway and attempt to recover her nets.

Newbiggin lifeboat had arrived and was standing by as the operation progressed, and as the Tynemouth lifeboat was no longer needed it was stood down by the Coastguard while Newbiggin lifeboat remained on scene until the net recovery was completed by the fishermen.  The fishing vessel was then able to return to shore and Newbiggin lifeboat was also stood down.

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