Tynemouth RNLI lifeboat station

Diver with ‘bends’ rescued in joint RNLI, RAF and Coastguard operation

A DIVER with suspected 'bends' was rescued this evening in a joint operation between Tynemouth RNLI lifeboat, an RAF rescue helicopter and Humber Coastguard.

Tynemouth RNLI's all weather lifeboat was returning from exercise when Humber Maritime Rescue Coordination Centre tasked the boat to go to the assistance of a diver who was suffering from suspected Decompression Sickness after being recovered onboard the dive boat he was diving from.

The diver had risen from the wreck – the Eston, a cargo ship sunk in 1940, approximately 2 miles off Cullercoats, which is 32 metres deep.

Humber Coastguard also tasked an RAF Sea King Search and Rescue helicopter from RAF Boulmer and arranged for the decompression unit at Hull to receive the casualty, a man aged around 40.

As the lifeboat arrived on scene the casualty was assessed by a member of the crew who is also a paramedic.

The RAF helicopter arrived soon after and the decision was taken to winch the casualty from the lifeboat to be taken to Hull.

Once that operation was completed, the lifeboat returned to station.

Lifeboat (relief): 17-17 Fraser Flyer (Civil Service No.43)